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Advantages of using Thermo Blankets

Save money!

Thermal insulation blankets keep expensive heat from radiating away from equipment. Whether you’re looking to insulate your heating systems steam valves or tanks this blankets will lower your energy bill. Removable insulation blankets can be fabricated to fit any surface or equipment configuration. Special fabrics can be incorporated to resist leaking liquids, and removable blankets are ideal for situations requiring continual removable and reapplication. These capabilities offer the opportunity to achieve dramatic savings in energy costs when removables are applied to previously uninsulated equipment.


Leaving high temperature equipment and surfaces exposed creates a burn hazard for industrial workers. But, all too often this is the situation when equipment requires frequent maintenance and workers need to get to it quickly. Because insulating with traditional materials would require continual removal, disposal and reapplication, many plants choose not insulate these areas at all. Our removable insulation blanket offers the perfect solution. Custom fabricated for removable blanket enabled energy recovery and dramatically reduced the safety risk.