Insul Covers Inc

Flexible Reusable Insulated Covers


Insul Covers blankets can help your facilities in many ways. Whether you're looking to save money, increase workplace comfort, or simply keep your equipment running smoothly, these thermal insulation blankets can help. Our covers can be constructed for any temperature or chemical environment. They can usually be installed while a plant is on line to avoid shut down time. They are very durable, weather resistant and ideally suited for any area that requires frequent maintenance. Standard applications include:

  • Control valves located outdoors
  • On/Off valves located outdoors
  • All valves with heat tracing
  • All valves and flanges with isolation blinds
  • Exchanger channel heads
  • Steam pressure letdown valves
  • Vessel manways
  • Pressure relief valves
  • For steam/glycol heat tracing applications


Exterior Jacket material shall be 16.5oz Teflon coated fibreglass cloth as manufactured by Alpha Associates for process temperatures up to 232 degrees Celsius.

Inner Layer material shall be 16.5oz Teflon coated fibreglass cloth as manufactured by Alpha Associates Incorporated for process temperature up to 232 degrees Celsius.

18oz Vermiculite Coated Fibreglass Cloth for process temperature from 233 degrees Celsius to 538 degrees Celsius.

For Tracer Wrap the exterior jacket is 14oz Silicone impregnated fibreglass cloth. The insulation is ½" PPG Mat 100% E Glass. The fastener is a 1" Velcro placket and the thread is E18 Teflon coated fibreglass thread.


Layers Material Temperature Limit Function
Outer Silicone Fiberglass  500F (2600C) Protective cover
Teflon Coated Fiberglass  550F (2870C)
Middle PPG Matt  1200F (6490C) Insulation Media
Inner Silicone Fiberglass 500F (2600C) Contains Insulation Media
Teflon Coated Fiberglass 550F (2870C)